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I really love my friends. Really liked the fact that I got closer to Wes and Carreon over Summer again. Really want Tolentino to stay in my life cos that nigga’s a bestie. Summer is ending, but now I don’t feel inadequate when I go on social media. I remember when I used to be jealous of other peoples friends, now I get compliments saying how other people wish they had our friendship. It probably won’t stay like this forever, but I will cherish it for as long as I can.  

6:15 am, by jaysmile

holy shit, looked backed on myspace and I had great fucking taste in music. 

4:32 am, by jaysmile

Shutouts to one of my best friend Wesley. It’s his 21 birthday today. Can’t wait for tonight tho

4:29 am, by jaysmile

Anonymous said: Back in my high school years, we use to hang out. Tbh, I just talked to you, because I thought you were cute and wanted company. And then when we actually hung out in person..&you intimidated me. I admired you for your poetry, and I never thought you were actually loud spoken in reality as well. You wanted a deep friendship and even told me in person, and that's what intimidated me. Your soul was too old, for a broken heart girl like me. I regret burning a friendship you needed to ashes.

I’m pretty flattered! Thank you! I feel like if I look back at my poetry, I would cringe though. :(. Around high school, I really wanted a best-friend because it was something I never had. I was going through this awkward “philosophy phase”, where I thought it was necessary to ask every question possible and force answers out of people. I really did lose a lot of people I loved and cherished because of that. It took me a while to find out that I was being a big asshole and I came off intimating to people :C.

I think one of my best friends Christian would say “Even though friendships burn to ashes, they could always come back to life in the form of phoenix”. LOL. Sorry I was being difficult! Hope we can become great friends in the future! 

1:49 pm, by jaysmile

Anonymous said: You're a good man, and I hope your life is doing great. You deserve every inch of happiness life throws at you, because you have a kind heart, and have loud voice. Dont ever forget about that. Wishing you well. - an old friend.

Thanks I appreciate it! Hopefully we can reconnect someway in the future. I’m really bad at maintaining friendships with people that I don’t see everyday, but I hope that our lives intertwine again!  

1:32 pm, by jaysmile

I went on tumblr for brian. I’m suprised that I remember my password….I still fucking hate SJW posts on this fucking thing

5:23 am, by jaysmile
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I really like anti-culture
4:03 am, by jaysmile

Always be an asshole
2:42 am, by jaysmile

Dis gonna be me

2:32 am, by jaysmile

I’m  drinking a mixture Toothpaste and orange juice, breaking down the flow like daily news
Still the same old guy wearing the same pair of new shoes
Coming out of nowhere like the vilians from scooby doo
Cracking pullin backing on them scooby snacks relaxings
I’m starving and my stomache’s trying to eat till my belly fattin
Just ya regular middle class loveless dumbass
I’m not a rebel without a cause I’m just an outkast,
Out on a mission On a task to apologize ms Jacks,
What. dq nap. 
 I can’t get tied down as my mouth watering and my lips smacks. 
I’m not going to stop this rap shit, till I hear the crowd wave back
Way back, when, Way back

If they don’t I’m going after your snap backs till your head snaps.

Lyrically I’m crazy, Like who’s sane/hussain

Dam, So dammed, if it wasn’t for this good music I’d be blowing out my brains
what So, so, 
Fell in love with music since who the fuck knows
My music should be winning grammies, and your shit be so-so
I’m the Wizard of Rap and you’s a bitch like Toto
Just stop what your doing, no-no, finger wagging slam-dunking like Mutombo
 sporadic tempo
And I’ve been doing this rap shit till…. shit I forgot

So… So… What?

4:31 am, by jaysmile